Treasure Cove
There was this guy I used to see, and I still talk to him every now and then over Skype and text.

In a very sadistic way, I talk to him to remind myself that men, and a lot of their motivations, can be down right pathetic.

Midterms, stuck in New York
There cannot be anything bad about having to stay in New York for spring break right?

I don't have much to do; I have been making food and studying for mid-terms next week. Luckily my job interview was good enough the other day that they asked me to come back in the next day! Hopefully I get the job. It pays and it would be my first Wall Street internship.

Today I will make a dish that I made last semester. It is a simply nacho recipe that doesn't take too long. Basically I just chop up some chicken, cook it, put salsa and avocado in the skillet, and then release it over chips. Easy, yeah?


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